We put together the perfect Trucker’s Gift Guide

The holidays are getting closer and closer and one of the most difficult parts of getting through them is coming up with the perfect gift for your staff, your fleet, your friends, family and don’t forget… Yourself!

At Cardiff we put together a list of great holiday goodies for everyone on your list, no matter the budget:


Truck Route GPS or App

Choose a GPS model or download an app that is specifically designed with truck drivers in mind. Such units should have height clearance information, truck-prohibited routes identified and updated maps. Additional features that are available include the ability to enter your specific truck information, such as height and gross vehicle weight.

A GPS or an app on a smartphone can save a truck driver a considerable amount of time in reaching their destination. It takes the guesswork out of bridge heights and truck routes and helps them find the nearest rest stop or truck-friendly eatery.


PowerDrive Inverters

Most pro truckers say that this is the one thing that can make life on the road easier, safer and more comfortable is a power inverter. They convert your truck’s DC battery power into the kind of household AC current so you can use to operate many of the creature comforts you have in your truck.

Luckily for you, PowerDrive offers a large line of inverters. They have a dozen models that are mobile, convenient, reliable, powerful, durable and well-designed.  

Regardless of your needs or the size of your truck, PowerDrive has you covered. They have models that deliver 3,000, 2,000, 1,500, 1,000, 750, 400, 175 and 120 watts of power. Most come with four three-prong outlets, Bluetooth connectivity, and two USB outlets. There are also several smaller units with 12-volt plugins.

And, if your power needs are a bit more modest, PowerDrive has a unique product for your truck’s cab: a 175-watt inverter that fits nicely in a cup holder. It has a handy 12-volt plug, two USB ports (standard 2.4 amp and USB-C 3 amp) and two three-prong outlets.

Portable Vehicle Safe

Some drivers have to collect cash, cashier’s checks, money orders or business checks at the time of delivery. Some drivers carry cash in case of an emergency. If a driver stops for a break, a shower or is broken down for a while, he may not want to take all his valuables with him when he leaves the cab. However, leaving those valuables in the cab can be risky. A portable vehicle safe is ideal for this situation


Electric Blanket

While many drivers leave the truck at night and stay at roadside hotels, some drivers will sleep in their cabs. In remote areas, accommodations aren’t always available. The cab can get very cold, so an electric blanket can be a huge help.  Look for one with a long cord so the driver does not have to struggle to plug it into an outlet.


Bandit Titanium Keychain Knife

Life on the road — and off — often presents problems that can only be solved with a blade. Things need to be opened, trimmed, unknotted, cut and it’s not always practical to have a knife in your pocket.

But, you can have one on your keychain.

The Bandit titanium keychain knife is less than 3” long when opened (1.2” blade) and features a sturdy backlock.


Rand McNally ClearDryve 200

Rand McNally’s new ClearDryve 200 is a premium set of stereo headphones and noise-canceling mono headset in one.

The ClearDryve 200 offers wireless stereo headphones with rich, clear sound. By removing an ear cup and positioning the high-quality boom microphone, the ClearDryve 200 becomes a headset with more than 90 percent of ambient noise eliminated

The headphones feature plush ear cups made of memory foam and covered in a soft, oil-resistant material to stay comfortable all day. The Bluetooth connection allows drivers to wirelessly connect the headphones to their smartphones up to 50 feet away.

The ClearDryve 200’s rechargeable battery delivers more than 20 hours of talk time, over 500 hours of standby time and more than 20 hours of music playback time.


Pressure Relieving Cushion

Truck drivers sit for incredibly long periods of time. Staying in the same position for hours on end can cause discomfort and even pain. A pressure relieving cushion designed for long hours behind the wheel can help alleviate some discomfort.


WeeGo PowerPack 66

With 2,500 peak amps and 660 true cranking amps, the WeeGo PowerPack 66 will charge everything from your smartphone or laptop to your ATV or pickup.

The WeeGo PowerPack 66  delivers 1,000 charging cycles and up to two years of standby power on a single charge.

It’s patented Smarty Clamps ensure ease of operation. A series of lights and sounds walk you through a worry-free jump. It’s designed with extra-wide openings and power on both sides to ensure the best connection possible.

It even has a built-in 600-lumen flashlight.

The Weego 66 can also be used as a portable charger. Its Detect-o-Matic USB charger automatically provides the fastest charge to phones, tablets, and other USB devices.

It has a 19-volt port for PC based laptop charging and a 12-volt port for powering accessories such as air compressors and fans.


Field Notes 56-Week Planner

As busy as you are and with as many things to keep organized, a decent planner is a must for a truck driver.

This 56-week planner by Field Notes could just do that for you. Unlike many other planners/calendars, you can start this one at any time. Just open it to the first week, and get started; no need to wait for the new year to get organized. This planner has 112 pages between its sturdy spiral bound covers.


Olight S30R III Flashlight

It’s possible to have big light from a small source, something any trucker will appreciate.

The Olight S30R III delivers 0.5 to 1,050-lumen output. That means you get illumination more than 600 feet away.

It also features a removable pocket clip, magnetic tail cap, a three to nine-minute timer and is impact resistant when dropped from up to about five feet.

Comes with a micro USB desktop charger.