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Our company

Cardiff Bank provides commercial finance solutions to institutional, middle-market and small businesses nationwide.

Whether your equipment needs are born out of necessity or careful cost-benefit analysis, new technology offers immediate benefits to industries facing global competition and rising operating costs. Business owners with credit deficiencies face challenges financing new business equipment sold by dealers, vendors and manufacturers. Business owners with spotless credit profiles may still face headwinds when brokers, private parties and used equipment are involved in equipment transactions. Non-traditional lenders like Cardiff Bank are here to offer a fast and simple approval process.

Leasing History

English leasing law dates back to the Statute of Wales, adopted in 1284. Cardiff Bank continues leasing in the Welsh tradition.

The history of leasing

Oil man J. Paul Getty, the world's first billionaire, coined the phrase "Buy that which appreciates, lease that which depreciates." Today, over 30% of all equipment acquired in the US is Acquired under a lease contract. This makes leasing the single largest form of external corporate finance in the country. Over 80% of companies - from small starts-ups to the Fortune 500 - lease some or all of their equipment with lease originations totaling almost $ 300 billion annually.