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Vendors, Manufacturers or Suppliers

Finance programs that fits your customer’s needs is what manufacturers, distributors and dealers of business equipment must lean on Cardiff Bank for a faster approval solution.
Equipment Finance Solutions
If your business sells equipment to other businesses, we can also work with you to try to make that sale and get that equipment out of your inventory list by getting your customers approved for financing.
At Bank of Cardiff, we have a dedicated finance team that understands the needs and situations of many suppliers & manufacturers that are willing to sell more and increase profits, that’s why with leasing solutions we’ve been reaching out potential vendors.
We specialize in financing new and used equipment teaming up with vendors, distributors and manufacturers. No matter your business need, our expertise and financial solutions can help your business grow, be one of our trusted vendor partners with so many benefits you can share with your clients to help close your sales, such as: a fast approval process, the lowest annual interest rates, terms up to 60 months and ongoing support just to mention a few.
Here are some Financial Options legible to all businesses.
Equipment Loans
Equipment Leasing
Equipment Loans
Equipment Leasing
How to be a one of our Trusted Vendor Partners
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