Am I having a heart attack?

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous killers in the U.S. and as truckers, typically we don’t live the healthiest of life styles.

We eat whatever we can find on the road (that means most likely fast food), we’re stressed all the time, we drink a lot of coffee and energy drinks to stay sharp, we don’t sleep that well, we remain static for long periods of time and an assortment of unhealthy habits that can easily lead to heart disease.

A recent study showed that most Americans can’t tell when they’re having a heart attack until it’s too late.

Sure, the tingling left arm, chest pain and shortness of breath are all symptoms that should not be taken lightly, but there are more subtle symptoms that we might be ignoring, symptoms that don’t even happen in your chest area but could potentially be dangerous.

So how can we act in a timely manner when some of the signs aren’t as clear as we thought?

Well, they say knowledge is power or in this case it could potentially save your life.

If you are experiencing any of the following, we recommend you contact a healthcare professional for a check up.


Heaviness around the chest area

This one’s a no brainer, pressure, discomfort, pain or a tightening feeling are some of the most telling signs of a potential heart attack, but we fail to realize that the signs of heart disease manifest in the areas surrounding our heart, which also means the upper back, you might feel the same kind of symptoms (pain, pressure, tightening or discomfort) and dismiss them as back pain issues.


Cold sweat

Breaking a cold sweat for no specific reason or while performing a minor task that you proved no issue in the past could mean your body is struggling to keep up because of heart disease.



Even if this one is not one of the most common symptoms and it could also be something as simple as indigestion, we should all be aware that this could also happen in the beginning stages of a heart attack. Women are more likely to experience this symptom.



This could mean that your heart is having a hard time pumping blood. Reach out to a doctor ASAP if you’re experiencing dizziness or feeling faint along with chest pain.


Swollen arms/legs

Same as lightheadedness, this shows your heart is not strong enough to keep a healthy blood flow all over your body.


Shortness of breath

Tightening of the lungs, not being able to breathe deeply or experiencing considerable discomfort while doing so can mean a heart attack is about to hit you.

Don’t dismiss these early signs or just take a pill and call it a day, specially if you’re experiencing a combination of any of them.  Make sure to reach out to your doctor or call 911 as soon as you experience any of these symptoms.