Make the most out of the slow season

Slow season just started, but as business owners, this is not the time to sit back and relax, no sir! This is the perfect time to reevaluate your business financial status and revamp it.


– Be aware of your financial reality

Sit down and take a hard look at where you are financially.


What is the current state of your business? Have your sales gone up or down? How did last year look for you? What can you do to fix those tiny capital leaks that could potentially build up to considerable amounts over time?

Sometimes we don’t realize how bad we’re doing until we sit down and take a hard look and where we’re at.

Ask yourself those hard questions and be realistic about your answers.


– Keep a sales record

Having a business account means being able to track at your net sales history. According to most financial experts, the longer the history, the better.


– Map out your progress

Make a chart to visualize your finances, this means your ups, downs, gains, loses, investments, expenses and future goals. Sometimes having visual aid can help you better understand your high and low seasons so you can be more strategic in your investment.


– Tune up your business

Investing in upgrading your equipment and software, timely facility maintenance and constant training for your staff (and yourself) are some of the important factors in a business financial success, yet some of the most underrated, too.


-Talk to a professional

Look into getting a financial product, don’t let big financial institutions put you down or disregard you just because you’re not some gigantic corporation. Reach out to a professional to custom design a financial product to fit your needs. It has to make sense for your business (and healthy too!)


At Cardiff we specialize in medium to small businesses and we cater to their needs so give us a call and explore your options