A better life? The other side of the border.

The American Dream, the house with a white picket fence, the wife, the kids, the puppy, coming from nothing and having the opportunity to get it all.

As Americans we hold our nation with pride, we live our fantasy, so it’s not shocking to see people from nations other than our own wanting a little slice of our happiness cake.

But how big is that cake? Well, for the current fiscal year, over $4.4 TRILLION.

In February 2018, President Trump released a budget proposal for 2019. Under his proposal, the Federal Budget would be $4.4 trillion.

Our treasury department is expected to receive $3.4 trillion in revenue. Now, as great as that sounds, this represents a huge problem as it would ultimately be creating a $985 billion deficit by the end of the fiscal year.

To fund the government, Congress must pass appropriations bills before the fiscal year begins, if Congress does not do so, it creates continuing resolutions to keep the government from shutting down, so when Congress passed only 5 of the final 12 appropriations bills for 2019’s budget and parts of the government did not receive funding, they were shut down.

The POTUS shutdown the government in order to push for a southern wall funding. This was the longest shut down period in the history of the U.S. and it ultimately cost us a whopping 6 billion dollars.

That is 6 BILLION dollars that could have been used towards fixing infrastructure, educational resources, culture, healthcare, environmental issues, caring for our veterans, etc.

On February 15th, President Trump declared a “National emergency” at our southern border, calling for key funds to be pulled from the federal budget, in order to pay for the wall.

Now, we all know this so-called “emergency” is phony, but do we know how it will affect us?

We are struggling to keep the budget AND national debt in check, Americans can’t afford to get their teeth fixed, healthcare is through the roof, education is at an all time low, our infrastructure is in danger of collapsing and we don’t have many natural resources left.

A vanity project such as the wall is not in our best interest at the moment, specially if this “emergency” is non existent. As Homeland Security stated, almost 90% of all narcotics came through LEGAL port of entries via either ships or planes, with only slightly over 10% coming through the sectors in between or seized by Border Patrol, so a wall will ultimately do nothing to stop drug trafficking.

Stopping other nations from chasing a better life, could ultimately jeopardize the quality of the one we have.

Our nation was built on hard work and making our voice heard, standing up for what’s fair and setting an example of greatness. And at the moment we’re not only failing the rest of the world, we’re failing our people and ourselves.

The American dream is starting to feel more like a hazy purgatory nightmare. We can’t afford decent housing; economic struggles are putting such a stress on married couples that divorce rates are through the roof; we refuse to bring kids into a world where they could get shot in their own classroom; and building a successful future is harder and harder each day.  

We need all the help that we can get. We want to “Make America Great Again”? We must hold our representatives accountable and keep our financial status in check.

Let’s stop wasting our resources in bigotry and hate and let’s start investing on a better future for ourselves and our kids.

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