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Digital Signage
and EMCS

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Digital signage, commonly called Electronic Message Centers (EMCs), are programmable signs that visually communicate a message to viewers. EMCs differ from standard billboard signage in that they are capable of storing and displaying multiple messages in dozens of formats and at varying intervals. Without the physical labor of changing the sign display, replacing broken lettering, the appeal of an EMC is quite apparent.

Intelligent business owners can appreciate the ability to advertise specials, discounts, and new items in a manner quickly and easily read-EMCs provide such an outlet. That said, the effectiveness of an EMC is not limited by the space or surface area constraints that hamper business communication on reader boards.

Electronic Message Centers are used by businesses that value the ability to modify and control their graphics and messages at specific intervals to meet the demands of their customers.

• Large corporations utilize EMCs in a number of different venues, ranging from sports stadiums to corporate headquarters.

• Small businesses are quickly catching on to   the advertising power that EMCs provide.   More and more businesses each day depend   on an EMC's dynamic format to illustrate   their graphical communication. With the   rapid improvements in technology and an   increasingly competitive marketplace, EMCs   are now within an affordable range.
• Restaurants rely on the dynamic format   that is EMCs to advertise their specials,   reduced prices, and new menu items.

The growth in media options enables business owners to communicate their pitch to an increasing pool of potential customers and reach a wider demographic. Much different than a stagnant display, an EMC catches the eyes of passer bys and avoids the pitfall of becoming part of the surrounding landscape.

Get your marketing dollars to work and lease an EMC today! With an average cost less than $0.45 per thousand exposures, it's easy to see how quickly leased EMCs cash flow and why they are the fastest growing marketing medium today.

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